Logitech Intros Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini

Ben Lovejoy, writing for MacRumors:

A new model of the popular Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad will be available for the iPad mini later this month, the company has announced.


The exterior is aluminum to match the iPad, with both black and white options to match the two available iPad mini colors.

The keyboard will cost $79.99, $20 less than its full-sized brother.

I got the version for my iPad 3 for Christmas, and I love it. The keys are small, but as someone with small hands, it doesn't bother me. I love how the Cover attaches to the iPad; when connected, it's roughly the same size and thickness of my 11-inch Air. Before this, I used the Origami Workstation, which is also great, but I think the Logitech rig is even better. Moreover, I'm very interested in the iPad Mini — particularly a Retina model — so this is welcome news to a fan of Logitech's solution.