Introducing 'Accessible'

I’m very excited to announce my new podcast, Accessible.

Following my appearance on his podcast, Pulling The String, a couple weeks ago, host Ben Alexander approached me with the idea of co-hosting a show together. After some brainstorming, we decided that we’d do a weekly show that focuses on Accessibility issues on iOS. We both agree that Accessibility is an important yet underrepresented area of iOS, and we felt Accessible would be a good forum from which to discuss and advocate for various issues related to it. Most of all, though, Ben and I just plain thought it’d be fun to collaborate on this project.

The show is a big deal for me for two reasons. For one thing, personally, that I’m committing myself to this is a big step insofar that given my insecurity over my stutter, doing a weekly show where I have to talk continually for an hour is a risk, at least emotionally with regards to my self-esteem. I’m very excited by this new opportunity, and I’m proud that I’m pushing myself to take the aforementioned risk. Secondly, professionally speaking, it’s exciting for me to get my name out there beyond my written work, and of course give heightened awareness to accessibility by virtue of sharing my unique perspective and expertise. In addition, it’s an honor and a privilege to be working alongside Ben on the ground floor as he works to grow his own podcasting empire, as well as embark on something — podcasting — that is enjoyed and done so well by others in the Apple community whom I admire.

Listeners can stay current with Accessible by following the show on Twitter: @accessibleshow. As well, I’ll be linking here to new episodes each week as they’re recorded and released. We’re working on a website for the show too, and I’ll post whenever it gets up and running.

I hope everyone enjoys listening to the show as much as Ben and I enjoy doing it!