Instacast for Mac 1.0 Released

Martin Hering, in a post on the Vemedio blog:

After a few weeks of beta testing, we're very happy to announce that Instacast for Mac v1.0 is now available to download and purchase! We'd like to thank everyone who has participated in the beta as well all those who generously contributed to Instacast for Mac's localisation through Twitter.

I never used the beta. Perhaps I'm being obtuse here, but I don't see the point of a podcasting app for the Mac. The way I see it, your iPhone is theoretically not being used when you're on your Mac, so why not using a docking solution to pipe Instacast for iOS? I do it all the time and it works well. Then again, as a couple friends on Twitter pointed out, not everyone has docks on their desks. I never considered that, but it makes sense. Oh well...forget I said anything.

Hooray for having Instacast on the Mac, too!

(via Stephen Hackett)