Instacast 2.0

Stephen Hackett, in summing up his mini-review of Instacast 2.0:

I use Instacast all the time — at work, in my car and more. While I didn’t have any complaints before, the 2.0 update is really pretty great.

I totally agree with Stephen here -- except substitute the car for a bus.1

Stephen’s overview of Instacast 2.0 is pretty great. I downloaded it yesterday afternoon, and I like it a lot. Aside from my major social networking apps -- Facebook, Tweetbot, and Instagram -- Instacast is probably the most-used app on my iPhone.2 (Gotta keep up with my friend's show, ya know.)

In my opinion, there’s no better podcast client on iOS than Instacast. Get it.

  1. Because I don’t drive. No license either.  ↩

  2. The Music app gets used a ton, too.  ↩