In Anticipation of WWDC 2013

Earlier this week, I wrote about my fears surrounding my ever-blossoming second career as a freelance tech writer. Today, a mere three days from WWDC, I sit here in front of Byword 2 contemplating not only what Apple’s going to announce at Monday’s keynote, but also what Tuesday’s going to be like. I’m excited, to be sure, but I’m also nervous as hell.

Here’s what Stephen Hackett wrote today regarding his coming to WWDC:

While in 2012, I was unsure what it would be like meeting my “online friends,” this year, I can’t wait to get there and have a beer with some of my buddies.

In a sense, I feel Stephen’s feelings towards Macworld 2012 are similar to how I feel towards WWDC 2013. While I am damn proud of the fact Jim Dalrymple himself on Twitter extended an invite to his Beard Bash, I wonder how it’s going to be. I don’t do well in large crowds, and I feel like most people there will know each other one way or another. Despite Apple featuring “Re-Enabled” on Hot News and all the from others since, I almost feel like I don’t belong there. Like, I don’t feel like I’ve earned my stripes yet or am “Internet famous” enough or something. Do people know me? Have they liked the articles I’ve written thus far? Is accessibility on iOS important to them? This isn’t to say that I want or seek celebrity; I don’t. I’m just afraid that I might get lost in a big room full of people. At the same time, though, I know that being amongst so many guys whom I look up to is a huge deal. Maybe I should look at it as my “coming out” party, I don’t know. A friend said to me that I’m building a solid reputation with my writng with the right people, that I’m doing the right things. Being at Beard Bash is proof.

I’m sure the only one I’ll instantly recognize is Jim, what with The Beard and all. Will I know Shawn Blanc? Stephen? Myke Hurley? Others? More importantly, what do I call these people? Friends? Colleagues? Peers? I’m also attending, before the Bash, the live recording of The Talk Show. Am I going to sit by anyone I know? Will they know me? All these questions run through my mind. And yet, I’m insanely excited to talk to Stephen and Myke and Jim, and whoever else I run into. This is a huge step for me, not only in terms of networking, but also of socializing and putting myself out there. As nervous as I am, I know that Tuesday night will be one of the best evenings I will have had in a long time, perhaps even ever. At least I’m only taking BART across the bay, not flying cross-country in an airplane.

It should be fun. No, it will be fun!