'I'm Going to Try This'

Matt Gemmell announces he's taking his writing full time in "Making Changes":

I’ve agonised over this. I’ve had long discussions with my ever-supportive wife. I’ve stood at a window and looked out into the small hours of the night, asking myself the same questions over and over. I’ve even thought about you, dear reader, whether you’re here via Twitter or this blog’s feed or somewhere else. I’m scared, but being scared isn’t the same as being unsure. I was a programmer for a living, but for better or for worse, I’m meant to be a writer. So I’m going to try this. Maybe it’s foolish, and from a commercial point of view it certainly looks that way, but I must try. As of this moment, I’m no longer developing software, either for myself or for others. I’m writing full-time. Gemmell's post really resonates with me, as I did the same thing last year. Almost 8 months in, things are going really well. So far, so good.