So today's Valentine's Day. Or, as I like to call it, the Worst Day of the Year. Yes, I realize I'm using this blog post as a vehicle to wallow in my own self-pity, but whatever. And yes, I know the right woman just hasn't come along yet and that I'll find her eventually. That's all sound logic, all well and good, but I'm not attempting to be pragmatic right now. It just bugs the shit out of me that everyone else I know has somebody to celebrate with and I don't. I'm here to bitch and raise a cynical eyebrow, dammit. Better to do it here than drown my sorrows in a few dozen bottles of Smirnoff's I've been single for a LONG ASS TIME. I don't think I'm very good at dating or meeting girls. I'm very shy at first and very self-conscious about my height and my stutter. Apparently I must be some strange variant of a male because women seemed to be totally turned off at the fact I'm so short. Then, of course, is the other side where, gosh darn it, I'm such an awesome guy, they just want to be friends. Now, friendships are great -- I have many -- but, come on, aren't I good for more than that? It's not like I have genital warts or the plague or something. Compound that with the fact I don't go club- and/or bar-hopping (nor do I know anyone who does) means that I don't have much opportunity to meet people. Maybe that's part of the problem. Three cheers for online dating sites like this one. It may be hard to admit to using one of these, but they sure come in handy for guys (and girls) like me. So while I sincerely hope that my dear sisters and their respective boyfriends have wonderful times doing whatever it is they do on Valentine's Day, I'll sit here at home reminiscing about the V-Day party my class had today and stare and the candy apple I got as a gift from a co-worker. Maybe I'll play this song a few thousand times over too while I think of things Cupid can do with his fucking arrows. Maybe pray for him to shoot me. But I'll try -- really, I will -- to be optimistic and less, um, Scrooge-y. After all, Brandy does say life's not over. Even when you're brokenhearted.