'How Vine Settled On 6 Seconds'

Laura Sydell, writing for NPR’s All Tech Considered blog:

“One day we did wake up and say, six seconds,” Hofmann joked. Well, one day after many days of experimentation.

He and the other co-founders tried various lengths — 10 seconds, nine, five. And five seconds wasn’t long enough.

“It was actually too short,” he says. Six seconds allowed for the aesthetic feel the creators wanted but preserved the quickness they wanted to promise users. The limit allowed the average person to easily share and make a video on his smartphone.

Interesting story.

While I don’t use Vine very often (if at all) — my brain doesn’t think in video as it does for photos and Instagram — but I’ve seen some really cool Vines. Time-lapse videos are especially fun.

(via @nprnews)