'If You Wake Up Groggy After Napping, You're Probably Doing It Wrong'

Benjamin Spall, "How to Nap":

Afternoon fatigue is a real problem; a problem that can cause us to dose ourselves with as much caffeine as possible as the inevitable decline of our day plays out. Your body is craving sleep. The solution to afternoon fatigue simple: feed your body’s desire, don’t cover it up. Napping has gained a resurgence in popularity in recent years but it remains an area that’s largely frowned upon, rather than something that’s celebrated as the rejuvenating method of upping your per-day productivity it is. There was a time when I would avoid naps for the reason Spall cites --- the societal stigma --- but I've since learnt to embrace naps. Especially with my cerebral palsy, I get fatigued more easily and often, so it makes sense for me to give my body the rest it needs to rejuvenate itself.