How Michael Lopp Uses Instagram

In opening his piece, Lopp states:

It is with equal irony that the app I need the most to post my photos is the one I use the least - Instagram. Now, I love Instagram and there is no denying that the team hit on a pitch perfect combination of the right, minimal feature set during a critical rise of mobile phone operating systems. But the majority of my learning about how to take and edit photographs with my iPhone has occurred outside of Instagram where I figured out how to be a better storyteller.

Lopp goes on to provide a detailed write-up on how he uses third-party apps to create and edit photos to share on Instagram. I follow him, and his shots are amongst my most liked -- just terrific. I like his tip on recreating the beloved Gotham filter; I'll have to play with that one.

If you're not already following Lopp, I highly suggest it. You can find him at @rands.