How Facebook Rebuilt Its iOS App

Jonathan Dann spills all the juicy technical details of how Facebook rebuilt its iOS app:

Today we released a new version of Facebook for iOS that's faster, more reliable, and easier to use than ever before. The development of this new app signals a shift in how Facebook is building mobile products, with a focus on digging deep into individual platforms. To understand how we approached this shift, let's take a look at how Facebook has evolved on mobile.


Building on native iOS gives us a major opportunity to keep making the app faster, more reliable and feature-rich. Whether you have 30 seconds or an entire train ride to use Facebook we want you to have a fast and satisfying experience. We truly believe mobile is the best platform for Facebook, and the new Facebook for iOS is just one of our steps to ensure you have best Facebook experience anytime, anywhere.

I'm no developer, so the Objective-C mumbo-jumbo is way over my head. Still, it's an interesting look into how Facebook revamped their app to make it less shitty than it was before. Good read.

(via John Gruber)