'Developers As Artists'

My friend Jonathan Hoover, on software as art:

Thinking of apps in the same way as music, movies and books makes me appreciate the art even more. It is creative, it can tell a story and developers certainly have their own styles. Tweetbot is very different than Vesper and serves a very different function but they are both best of breed apps. I am looking forward to Tweetbot 3 with all of the anticipation I would have for a new James Bond film. Every update to Vesper is like a great plot twist.

I’ve always cared a great deal to find out who made the objects I love. Whether it was a piece of furniture, a car or an appliance. It can all be art if we care enough.

Well said by Jon. I’m also a big fan of Vesper and Tweetbot, and am greatly looking forward to Tweetbot 3 coming out. Moreover, because I like knowing the wizard behind the curtain, I love behind-the-scenes, design-oriented posts like the one Dave Wiskus recently wrote on creating Vesper for iOS 7. Great stuff. I like getting the behind-the-scenes angle for music as well, to the point that I'll actively seek out who produced --- wrote, created the beat, mixed --- a song or album I like. (Cf. Rick Rubin's involvement with Eminem's new album.)

As someone who’s slowly but surely making a mark in the Apple-centric writer/developer community, one of the best perks is getting a chance to talk to guys behind some great apps. It’s an honor and privilege to become friendly with them, and be able to beta test their work when asked. It makes me appreciate more what they do, and view them more as true artists.