Apple Announces HomePod Pre-Orders, Ship Date

Per Apple’s press release:

HomePod, the innovative wireless speaker from Apple, arrives in stores beginning Friday, February 9 and is available to order online this Friday, January 26 in the US, UK and Australia. HomePod will arrive in France and Germany this spring.

Of note, Apple says AirPlay 2, which is needed to connect two or more HomePods together, isn’t slated to appear until “later this year.”

It’s good to see Apple announce a ship date for this product, although it’s a bummer AirPlay 2 support won’t be coming until later. As for my interest in HomePod, I’m more excited about it than I am about the Amazon Echo or Google Home. It’ll be interesting to see how the review cycle goes; my biggest area of interest in HomePod is, of course, accessibility. The story there is a crucial element to its appeal to me and others who have speech delays.