'Your Home at Your Command'

I saw a few people on Twitter mention Apple's updated its HomeKit webpage, so I decided to check it out. The new film does a great job of showing what's possible with the Home app and HomeKit-enabled devices. As usual, the production quality is impeccable.

Like with Apple TV—sigh—I don't have experience with "smart home" devices. Theoretically, however, I've given much thought to how much potential HomeKit has as an assistive technology. Its issues with parsing speech delays notwithstanding, asking Siri to lock the doors or turn off the lights is an obvious boon for people with fine-motor delays. I have trouble all the time with finding and turning light switches around my house. The Home app gives you one-tap access to things like lights, locks, etc. In terms of accessibility, it's no coincidence Apple includes HomeKit devices on its accessibility page. The accessible home will be something to watch as this technology improves, and Apple knows it.