On iOS 7 & App Updates

The Iconfactory's Craig Hockenberry. on developing apps for iOS 7:

Like many of my fellow developers, I am in the middle of an update of an app for iOS 7. As you’d expect, it’s a lot more work than previous versions of iOS. But results are stunning: both David Lanham and I have commented that our shipping version was “feeling old and clunky.”

While cranking along on the update, a couple of thoughts occurred to me: how many other developers were doing the same thing and were they going to commit fully to iOS 7? The depth and breadth of the changes in iOS 7 makes it difficult to support older versions of the OS.

So I just asked.

The numbers are staggering: 95 percent are updating their apps for iOS 7, while 52 percent planning to require iOS 7 for their new apps. All the more reason for users to promptly update once iOS 7 comes out, and all the more reason for Apple to showcase iOS 7-optimized apps.

The next few months are going to be one hell of a ride — I can't wait!

(via Stephen Hackett)