Revisiting Who's Writing for 'The Magazine'

Fellow The Magazine contributor Chris Higgins follows up on who's writing for the publication:

Back in May, I looked at who was writing for The Magazine. At the time, the data collection was labor-intensive (The Magazine didn’t have author pages yet), and I was trying to figure out who was returning to this publication to write again.

So why did I care? Mainly because I wanted to be near the top of that list, and I was. But since that analysis in May, things have changed quite a bit.

I'm still way down on the totem pole, having written just one piece thus far. I'd love to do another one, but coming up with an idea that fits Glenn and Brittany's editorial vision isn't easy. That said, as I tweeted to Chris, I have written twice for Macworld and Tech.pinions. So there's that.