Apple’s Sarah Herrlinger Joining AFB Board of Directors

Per a press release put out by the American Foundation for the Blind:

The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), a national nonprofit that creates a world of no limits for people with visual impairments, today announced the election of a new, distinguished trustee to its national board: Sarah Herrlinger, Director, Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives, at Apple, Inc. Herrlinger was elected during the February 2018 Board of Trustees meeting.

"Sarah Herrlinger is an outstanding addition to AFB's board," said Kirk Adams, AFB President and CEO. "Ms. Herrlinger and Apple's commitment to making technology accessible to everyone reflects AFB’s mission of removing barriers and creating a world of no limits as we approach our 100th year and beyond."

As I wrote on Twitter, Herrlinger acts often as the “public face” of Apple’s accessibility efforts. She’s generally the one who represents Apple at awards ceremonies and appearances, such as her attendance at SXSW last month for the Everyone Can Code program. At Apple, Lisa Jackson oversees Apple’s accessibility initiatives as part of her duties, but it’s really Herrlinger who’s one of the big drivers, internally, of new features, partnerships, and the like pertaining to accessibility across the company.