The Foreward

So this is my second time around with the blog. Truth be told, I had second thoughts about starting one because I was afraid of the apathy. Like, who would give a fuck about what I think? Okay, so I know a lot of people do give a fuck what I think, but will they actually read about what I think? Here's hoping they will. Now that I have the insecure self-doubt out of the way, I guess it's appropriate to state my purpose for this freshly-minted blog of mine. Basically, it's a place for my head. A place where I can rant. And rave. Bitch and moan. Endure male PMS. Pretty much keep a "cool" diary. Plus, I just like to write and think I'm quite good at it (or so I'm told), so it's just an excuse to show off. A pretentious and self-indulgent endeavor, indeed. Or so my uncle would say. Whatever it is, I'm just glad I have a way to release the inner workings of my twisted mind. To all those that care, hope you enjoy my (hopefully) many musings.