Stephen Hackett bottom-lines this whole the-new-Pad-gets-scorching-HOT thing

Does new iPad gets warm? Yes.

Does it feel less like the future when its warm? Yes.

Is it uncomfortable to hold? No.

Does it ever get hot? No.

Do I regret my purchase? No.

In my own experience, I’ve had the new iPad since launch day and my feelings echo Stephen’s.1

The iPad does get warm in the bottom left corner, but it’s not extremely hot to the point I need to put down the device. So many people have asked me about this, and I always say the issue’s been greatly exaggerated. If anything, people should expect the new iPad to run somewhat hotter because:

  1. The battery is bigger
  2. The Retina display is so dense it needs more juice to power it.
  3. The 4G/LTE chip, when working, draws more power too.

So, yeah. Amen, Stephen.

  1. And not just because I’m a fanboy either.  ↩