Daring Fireball Turns 10

Daring Fireball is 10 years old today.

Of course, I’ve only been reading the site for about three of those years. In that time, though, DF has become one of my most favorite sites. John Gruber, of course, is my most favorite Apple-focused blogger/writer. His work has definitely inspired my work here; he’s someone whom I have great admiration for, both for his views on things and for his talent as a writer. I’ve also enjoyed his work on The Talk Show, be it on 5by5 or Mule Radio. One of my nerdiest thrills was when I got a reply from him thanking me for the kind words after I’d sent him an email praising him for his work, etc. It was really cool seeing “John Gruber” in my inbox!

Here’s wishing DF makes it another ten years and beyond. Happy Birthday!

(via Lex Friedman)