Hair-Pulling Frustration

There are many things I don't (and never will) understand about people. Specifically, people that live in this "great" country of ours. It's almost as if the wrong, most backwards-ass things are done on purpose because they're the convenient things to do. And by "convenient", I mean convenient enough to make a buck. Or billions of 'em. So, what's so frustrating? Well, aside from people's butchery of this English language, my frustration has to do with the country's health care crisis and California's pathetic excuse for an educational system. Now, granted, I'm not the most politically active person -- I'm not even registered to vote. But I cringe at such bureaucratic ineptitude because the rich, pencil-pushing, desk-jockeying stuffed suits seemingly REFUSE to use common sense. It's almost as if our species as we know it has reverted back to its neanderthal/gaping primate origins. Let's take health care. How sad is this state of affairs when (many, many, many) people in this country have to choose between their health and financial viability? Insurance rates are astronomical, but hey, at least all the HMO CEOs can wake up every morning in their mansion, drive to work in their Bentley wearing their new Armani suit, and eat foie gras for lunch. Meanwhile, somewhere  between Albuquerque and Atlanta, Little Jimmy's mother is stressing over having to pay for her son's cancer treatments. How to fix this? I know! Do what the Canadians do and set up a national health care program. That way, Jimmy's cancer treatments would be paid for and, gee, even the homeless guy in Central Park could get help if he needed it. But noooo. The insurance industry is big business and Mr. CEO needs to get food on the table, too. So what happens? The Obama administration has to come up with some half-assed health care reform bill to appease the stuffed shirts because, ya know, the sensible thing to do would be way too hard. Then there's the issue of the Golden State's educational system. My uncle likes to remind me that 30-40 years ago, Cali was ranked as having the best schools in the country. Fast-forward to 2010 and we're 49th. Apparently, the only other people dumber than Californians are those in Nevada. For, you see, California likes to spend more money on its prisons than its schools. What to do about this? Balance the budget by raising taxes on the wealthy. Then again, it'd be crazy to ask the Governator to hit up his friends.Perish the thought...silly me. (Which reminds me, how stupid can people in this state be if they elect an actor with no prior political experience to office? No wonder we're next-to-last in the nation.) And this is only a snippet of the madness. If I pull my hair out any more, I'm going to vie to be the next spokesperson for Rogaine.