'The In-Between Macs'

Stephen Hackett is starting a monthly column at MacStories. In his first installment, he examines a few weird Macs that made odd design choices and didn't last long.

Two of the computers Stephen mentions are the Late 2008 and Early 2009 MacBooks—both of which hold a special place in my heart. The Late 2008 MacBook was my first Mac, and I still have it to this day. It doesn't run well anymore (it can't run macOS Sierra), but at the time I bought it, it was a revelation for someone coming from Windows. The screen, although it wasn't Retina, was so much clearer and brighter than any I had seen up to that point, and OS X was a breath of fresh air. And, of course, Apple's industrial design beat the shit out of the janky plastic cases that PC manufacturers such as HP use.

My girlfriend has the Late 2009 MacBook, the white plastic model that was "unibody" and featured a Multi-Touch trackpad. She used that machine until earlier this year, when in May she decided to retire it. To replace it, she bought a Mid-2015 15" MacBook Pro that I'm typing on right now, and she likes it. It's inifinitely more modern than her old computer.