'Where My Data Lives'

Stephen Hackett wrote a piece on how he manages his data, replete with an adorable mind map.

Personally, my setup is more simplistic and more reliant on iCloud:


  • Documents
  • Safari bookmarks
  • Device backups
  • Personal email
  • Calendars
  • Notes
  • 1Password sync (plus secure notes)

I know a lot of nerds, like Stephen, use Dropbox as a de-facto file system on iOS, but I really don't. I've been very fortunate that document syncing via iCloud has worked flawlessly for me—knock on wood—between all my devices (I use Ulysses on iOS and the Mac). For my use, Dropbox exists for archival purposes—anything I want to permanently keep, such as article drafts, go into Dropbox and my web of folders. I probably should use Dropbox sync for reliability, but I like living on the edge.


  • Long-term storage


The email for Steven's Blog is handled by Hover. I bought a mailbox when I got the domain for the site, so it's hosted and managed there. On my devices, I have the account set up as standard IMAP and it's been rock-solid.