Alex Guyot's Phraseology 2 Review

My pal wrote an exhaustive review of the freshly-updated iPad text editor:

What I love above Phraseology, and all of Agile Tortoise's apps, is the vast amount of innovation that these apps are expelling with every new release and update. X-callback-url and the Drafts URL action engine are some of the driving forces behind the iOS automation and inter-app communication initiatives. Clever manipulations such as Terminology integration for finding and replacing words, sending documents and back forth between Drafts and Phraseology, and using the Phraseology inspect and Arrange views to analyze and manipulate text sent from Drafts are all great examples of new and never before seen features and functionalities. Phraseology 2.0 tightens the seams between Agile Tortoise's apps even further, and widens the gap that Pierce is building between himself and other developers to come up with the most intriguing new ideas for how to make writing on iOS simpler, more powerful, and an overall better experience.

In terms of breadth and depth, Alex's review is the antithesis of mine.