'What if the iPad Smart Keyboard Had a Trackpad?'

John Gruber is on board with the idea of adding a pointing device to iOS:

I fully admit this is not a perfect idea. But I do think it would greatly improve the efficiency of text editing on an iPad, and if text editing isn’t an essential task for iPad users, I don’t understand why Apple bothered making the Smart Keyboard in the first place. And, unlike adding touchscreen support to MacOS, adding trackpad support to iOS would not harm anything that is good about the way things already are.

I didn't include in my recent WWDC wishlist article, but to John's point, if iOS is to gain a pointing device, then Apple must add an option to adjust the size of the cursor. On the Mac, I have the mouse pointer set as large as can be. But on iOS, the biggest accessibility pain point I have with editing text is the cursor (and the magnification loupe) is way too small to see comfortably. This has been a problem for me for years; if Apple is to make the iPad more powerful for productivity, then accessibility must be part of the process. I don't doubt the company has considered this, but as someone whose job it is to work with text, a macOS-like solution to adjusting cursor + loupe size would be really great.