'Technology Seems to Attract Enthusiasts With No Actual Enthusiasm'

John Gruber, in "2013: The Year in Apple and Technology at Large":

Today we have mobile phones and tablets running on a 64-bit desktop-caliber CPU architecture. Four months ago, we did not. If you’re not excited by the performance of the A7 SoC or, say, the quality of the iPhone 5S camera, why even bother writing about technology? [...] 2013, like every year, brought us technological progress and wonder in doses large and small and sometimes surprisingly delightful. Computers have always been too difficult to use by non-experts; thanks to the iPhone and iPad — and, yes, Android and Windows Phone, too — we as an industry are finally producing devices and software that are good enough for non-experts to use with confidence. We’re crossing a hump where computers — in the form of tablets and phones — are finally a source of fun rather than fear and confusion. To dismiss the progress achieved during 2013 in this decades-long crusade is just sad. While Mims is apparently waiting around for jetpacks and self-driving cars, iPads are changing the way the world works. Gruber sure closed 2013 with a bang --- as is the usual from him, just a delightful piece.