On Apple the Camera Company

John Gruber, commenting on AnandTech's report that manual camera controls are coming in iOS 8:

Apple has become one of the leading camera companies in the world, and quite possibly the most innovative. The imagine quality from the iPhone camera is an ideal example of hardware and software being inextricably tied in Apple products. Agreed. One of the biggest factors in choosing the 5S over the 5C, much as I adore the latter, was the camera. As is the case for many (most?) others, my iPhone is my camera. The 5S takes such great pictures that it's completely obviates my need for a "better" point-and-shoot, or even a more powerful DSLR. The best part is, as Gruber mentions, is that the hardware-software intertwinement inherent to Apple's products means that the iPhone's camera is just going to keep getting better and better over time. It's (still) amazing to me that a phone is capable of such remarkable images. Federico Viticci at MacStories sums it up best: Apple is making third-party camera apps first-class citizens of iPhone photography, which should result in better photos, more available storage, and a more fluid experience.