'Grandpa's iPad'

Shawn Blanc writes about his grandfather's iPad:

My grandpa is legally blind. He can see, but poorly. When he reads books they are the extra large print editions, and he holds them so close they’re practically resting on his nose. And when he watches an old western film from his VHS collection he sits about two feet away from his big-screen TV. [...] My Grandpa’s iPad has enabled him to do something that he’s been unable to do for as long as I can remember. The 9.7-inch touch screen has turned my Grandpa into a photographer. The screen is large enough that he can see well enough to actually frame and take pictures. And then he has them right there, on that same large screen, where he can browse through them any time he wants. While I still snicker at the thought of using the iPad as a camera, this is a cool story. Shawn's anecdote is yet another example of the iPad's appeal as an accessibility tool. Magical, indeed.