Going Android First

Russell Ivanovic explains why ShiftyJelly’s releasing Pocket Casts 4.0 first on Google’s platform:

Team rivalries should be left on a sports field. There’s no reason not to launch on Android first or iOS first in 2013. Both are massively viable platforms full of users who want to pay for great apps. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. The choice of platform all comes down to where your users are, and which one makes more sense for the kind of app you’re launching. It’s no longer a clear-cut ‘always iOS first’ world.

Let’s be honest, 2 years ago Android really sucked. The OS was a mess, the store was a mess, the SDK was a mess and the hardware was a mess. Today all that has changed, and it’s an amazing platform. That said overall the app quality on iOS is still far higher than Android, as developers catch up with all these new changes. There’s a point coming soon when Android will be full of high-quality apps, but there’s a gap in the market right now for small developers like us who are passionate about design to create something a cut above the rest. In short it’s currently easier for a good app to stand out on Android than it is on iOS.

This post caught my eye, because many, many apps launch on iOS first, or they launch with the intent of being exclusive to iOS. Developers who want to reach a massive user base and make the most money will stick to iOS (at least initially), which makes ShiftyJelly’s decision noteworthy in that it bucks the trend. (Then again, this isn’t the first time the company’s stood up for Android.)

I’d be interested in seeing follow-up with sales numbers.

(via Daring Fireball)