Google Glass App Teaches Sign Language to Parents

Shannon Siow, writing for CNET:

Human Centered Computing Ph.D graduate Kimberly Xu from the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a Google Glass app to facilitate communication between parents and their deaf children for the Google Glass and Android devices. The SMARTSign is a free app that is designed to teach American Sign Language (ASL) to parents of hearing-impaired children.

SMARTSign has easy-to-use features and provides vocabulary lessons daily in the form of quizzes. The user may also search for words via text or voice input and set the frequency with which he or she receives these quizzes The lessons are pre-recorded videos which are automatically downloaded before the app can be used. If you feel the need to check your progress, there is a Report Card tab which displays information on the words and phrases already learnt.

This is very cool. There may be hope for Glass yet.