Gilt Taste

This sounds like an awesome app. Reports Julia Moskin of the NYT:

Using the iPad’s built-in camera, which tracks your hand movements, you can turn the pages of the recipe without touching the tablet. Lift your hand in front of the screen, brush it from right to left (as if turning the page of a book), and the screen flips to the next step. Wave your hand from left to right, and it goes back to the last step.

The ingredient list stays on the screen, tucked on the left, to remind you how many eggs to add or how many garlic cloves to mince. And once you have minced or mixed, without stopping to wash your hands, you can proceed with the next step of the recipe.

This technology is like Holy shit, flying jetpacks! cool.

I’ve always been prejudiced against iPad recipe apps because I can’t stand the idea of splattering spaghetti sauce all over the device’s display. Still, as cool as this app seems, it’s not perfect. From later in the article:

Other recipe-app developers say that hands-free technology is important, but still in its infancy.

“Turning pages is just a first step,” said Bob Huntley, the software developer for culinary apps like Cooking Italian With Giuliano Hazan and Baking With Dorie. “Once the camera gives you kinetic trackability, the tablet can learn, and that’s where things get interesting.”

His vision for the future includes a wearable device, like a Bluetooth, that would allow cooks to interact with digital recipes.

“If you want to get real science fiction, think about this: it couldn’t stir the risotto for you, but it could tell you if you weren’t stirring it fast enough.”

Now that would be cool -- I’d buy the app for that feature alone.

(via @nytdining)