'Own Your Words'

Matt Gemmell advocates writing your own words on your own site:

If you’re going to write, I believe you should have the honesty and the integrity to really expose yourself. If someone’s paying, then the finger can always be pointed at them: editorial control is a double-edged sword. But if no-one is paying, and you’re instead doing the courageous thing and sharing your raw words with the audience, do it on your own terms – whether that’s a hosted Tumblr or WordPress blog, or something you’ve set up yourself. The tech isn’t important; the personal exclusivity is.

It’s intimate, it’s disarming, it’s poignant, and it’s right at the pulse-point. Welcome to my place, and here are my words. Not as a taster where you have to scroll past the article footer to even see the author’s info, but in your house. In your own living room, or under the harsh light of the kitchen counter, with dirty dishes still piled in the sink.

A good piece that sums up why I've quit writing elsewhere.