'Working From Home'

Matt Gemmell offers advice for getting the best out of working from home:

It’s not just as straightforward as pulling out a laptop in the living room, though. Working from home has a number of difficulties and challenges. In many ways, it’s a battle for mastery of yourself. I’d like to talk about a few of the issues I’ve faced, and how I handle them. In the year that I've been freelancing, I've struggled mightily with settling into a regular routine. It's gotten better lately, but I still don't differentiate between "work" time and "play" time. My days are spent mostly working and playing as I see fit. I'm working on an article now, and I've written bits and pieces of it the last few days just whenever I felt like it. I'm still working, but it's clearly not as prioritized as Gemmell argues (rightfully) as it should be.