'Why We're Not Driving the Friendly Skies'

Stuart F. Brown, writing for the New York Times:

Trying to reconcile the conflicting requirements of the two types of vehicles invariably results in a boatload of compromises that, some say, make the flying car a nonstarter. Yet the dream lives on. [...] Enthusiasts have a think or two coming if they assume that one need only buy a flying car and point the nose skyward to soar above the dreary highways. Nobody gets off the ground without training and a pilot’s license, and no government agency will sign off on citizens’ routinely taking off and landing on public roads. That’s what airports are for. Next year is 2015, the year Michael J. Fox traveled to in Back to the Future Part II. Seems that not much from that vision of the now not-too-distant future is a reality --- the exceptions being video calls and a MLB team in Miami. Flying cars certainly aren't around, but then neither is a Cubs World Series berth/win.