A few weeks ago, I happened to tune in to this show on National Geographic about cultural taboos. The episode was on obesity and how different cultures regard the plus-sized. One country in Africa loves fat so much that women force-feed their female children in an attempt to plump them up and make them desirable to men. Because, in these people's eyes, bigger really is better. Apple must think bigger is better too when it comes to feeding their baby, iTunes. Since its birth in 2003, the ubiquitous media software has gone from being slender jukebox to morbidly obese jack-of-all-trades. Its initial 200,000-song catalog has grown to over 10,000,000. Then there's the movies, TV shows, podcasts, music videos, and audiobooks. And the iBookstore. And don't forget about the App Store and its 200,000 apps. Even the price of songs in the iTunes Store has gotten bigger -- $1.29 for new releases and the most popular tracks. All that and I haven't even mentioned the fact the iTunes is responsible for content delivery to the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. But at least the latter uses wireless streaming. I say it's time for Apple to trim some of the fat or put iTunes on a diet. The poor thing has become so bloated, it's turned into the fat kid who can't stop eating because his parents can't stop feeding him. At the very least, Apple should consider a name change for iTunes because it's not all about music anymore. Maybe rename it "Apple Media Player" or something. iTunes is a digitized all-you-can-eat buffet. Too bad Apple has let it get so full. Maybe instead of thinking about Flash, Steve Jobs should think more about putting iTunes on a weight-loss regimen. Or a name change. Perhaps put in a call to Jenny Craig. It needs it.