Fall Preview

As the fastest-moving, coolest summer I've ever experienced comes to a close, my thoughts turn to fall. A time of season-changing, getting back into the work-and-school grind, and my birthday. And, as a special bonus this year, a nicely-sized stipend is coming my way that makes all my early childhood studying pay off -- literally. But there are other reasons to be excited about the fall:

  • The coming of Fall brings with it Apple's annual iPod refresh. This year's music event is scheduled for next Wednesday in San Francisco. Steve Jobs and friends will come on stage, introduce the new iPod lineup, possibly the Apple TV reincarnation, and have some artist give a live performance. Perhaps the best part about these shindigs is the speculation in anticipation of the (invite-only) party.
  • Fall also means the start of another NFL season. Brett Favre returns for his 20th, his teammate Sidney Rice will miss half of it, and the Detroit Lions try to figure how to win more than two games. Meanwhile, Tony Dungy tries to protest the FCC's relaxed profanity-on-TV rules because he's (still) pissed at Rex Ryan.
  • And finally, this fall will be especially cool because Linkin Park, Kanye West, and Nicki Minaj all have albums scheduled to drop. Even Lil Wayne has an EP due for release at the end of September.  A Thousand Suns from LP has me particularly excited. And, apparently, I'm not the only one.
This is going to be a most wonderful time of the year.