Facebook Releases Retooled iOS App

Jordan Golson for MacRumors, on Facebook releasing a new and improved version of their iOS app:

Facebook has released a completely rewritten iOS app that is significantly faster than the prior version. With more and more Facebook users accessing the social network via mobile, the company views having a fast mobile app as increasingly essential. News that the update was forthcoming was first reported back in June.

With the updated version, Facebook’s engineers have dumped the HTML5-based app and rebuilt it using Objective-C programming to make it perform more like a native iOS app.

I almost jumped for joy when I read about this on Twitter this morning. Great news.

After using both versions of the app, I’m happy to report that they are significantly faster, which alleviates my biggest gripe with the previous app. Also, the icon seems to be a slightly brighter shade of blue. As someone who uses Facebook on iOS constantly, this is a fantastic update. Those former Apple engineers did a good job.