On the Shitshow That Is Facebook Home

John Gruber sums up Facebook Home’s problems better than anyone I’ve read:

Facebook Home isn’t an iPhone idea. It’s just a bad idea. Facebook is an app, not a platform. A good home screen interface is one that accommodates any app or service, not just one.

There is a dogfooding lesson here, though. Does Mark Zuckerberg carry an HTC First, or any other Android phone with Facebook Home installed? Does Mike Matas? (Doesn’t look like it, judging by the “via Twitter for iPhone” metadata on his recent tweets.) Why not?

It’s always a sign of trouble when you’ve built something you don’t want to use yourself. Why does everyone I know who works at Apple carry an iPhone? Every single one? Not because they have to. It’s because they want to.

Given how poorly Facebook Home seems to be doing, it looks as if that my prediction that it would resonate well with consumers was clearly wrong. Turns out most people aren’t so keen on the idea of letting Facebook effectively commandeer their phone. To quote Gruber again, Facebook Home is simply a well-designed implementation of an idea no one wants.