Ethics, Smethics

As I wallow further along in my months-long sojourn in Worker's Comp Land, I wonder about the bureaucratic bullshit that makes worker's comp go 'round. More to the point, I'm wonder about the, er, scruples of the doctors who handle worker's comp patients. Do they really want you well and back to work or are they conniving, money-grubbing bastards who hold their patients' lives hostage so they can collect a nice six-figure paycheck? The cynic in me says it's the latter, but the doctors aren't necessarily the only evildoers here. There are, of course, the employees who like to string out their claim as long as they can because a) they essentially get a free vacation and b) the disability benefits are quite good. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you. Way to manipulate the system, kids. But there are others who've recently done things that've made me question if they know right from wrong and good from bad. So much so that I decided to blog about them. Good excuse for updating the blog, right?

  • Mike Huckabee. So the former Arkansas Governor apparently erased and destroyed the hard drives of the computers in his office when his term ended. Why? Nobody knows, but it's generally assumed you don't do stuff like that unless you have, ahem, questionable ethics and something to hide. As if destroying evidence, so to speak, wasn't enough, it's a criminal offense to destroy public information. The people of Arkansas had to right to whatever data lived on those drives. To make matters worse, Huckabee called out MoJo, saying they weren't  "...a real news outlet". Way to defend yourself, Mike. Right on par with your fellow Republican cronies.
  • PreCentral. I guess whomever green-lighted this "exclusive" doesn't know -- or doesn't care -- what a non-disclosure agreement is. The guy even says at the beginning of the video WebOS 3.0 is a closed beta, meaning it's for developers' eyes only. If I were HP, I'd be majorly pissed, fire whomever "leaked" the beta, and file suit against PreCentral. NDAs are legal, binding documents, folks, and they exist for a reason. This isn't the reason. Same goes for the people on YouTube who post videos like this one "previewing" Mac OS X Lion. Don't make Craig Federighi angry!
  • David Louis Whitehead. Um, yeah. Good luck with that, pal.
  • Dan Moren. When bad puns ruin good columns. Don't do it again, Dan.

Okay, so the last one was more tongue-in-cheek. The rest? Ethics FAIL.