'iOS 7 Animations Cause Nausea for Some'

Adam Engst, writing for TidBITS:

That’s not the case for designer Jenni Leder, who explains in a blog post how various animations in iOS 7 trigger her motion sickness and make her physically ill. She’s far from alone in experiencing nausea in response to iOS 7 animations, to judge from coverage on Stuff and a lengthy thread in the Apple Support Communities.

In general, it seems that people with certain vestibular disorders have trouble with such animations, as well as certain video games, 3D movies, and more. The problems can even be related to the particular display technology.

Good piece by Engst, and an interesting topic.

I love the animations in iOS 7, and they don’t physically bother me at all. Likewise, I know many family and friends who are on 7 and report no problems with motion sickness.