On Apple's Manufacturing Scale

Ben Einstein, "No, You Can't Manufacture That Like Apple Does":

What happened when Apple wanted to CNC machine a million MacBook bodies a year? They bought 10k CNC machines to do it. How about when they wanted to laser drill holes in MacBook Pros for the sleep light but only one company made a machine that could drill those 20 µm holes in aluminum? It bought the company that made the machines and took all the inventory. And that time when they needed batteries to fit into a tiny machined housing but no manufacturer was willing to make batteries so thin? Apple made their own battery cells. From scratch.

I'm continually amazed at the lengths Apple goes to in order to do what they want --- and the scale at which they do it. I'm admittedly tired of Tim Cook's "Only Apple" meme, but in this case, it's absolutely appropriate. No one else in the industry has the ken to hoard CNC machines or the world's supply of sapphire. This is why Apple's industrial design is second to none.

(via The Loop)