'I'll Get Used to Whatever's Next'

Pat Dryburgh, writing for The Brooks Review, on loving the familiarity of iOS:

But the user in me is afraid. I love my iPhone. Not only because of its sleek shape and comfortable feel — though those are certainly important — but because of my intimacy with the user interface.

I don’t think I want iOS to radically change. Not because I wouldn’t enjoy it, but because of the familiarity I have with how it is. Would flattening the interface reduce that level of intimacy I have with it?

I empathize with Pat here. With the rumor that iOS 7 is getting a major UI revamp comes questions about what the purported changes mean. One one hand, I'm ecstatic to see how Jony Ive's design sensibilities impact Apple's software. On the other hand, though, I wonder if the changes are going to be jarring and wholly new. (Not to mention that I actually like some of iOS's skeuomorphic elements, elements such as the paper-shredding animation in Passbook.) Either way, the design nerd in me is excited to see what Apple's come up with.

Now we just need them to announce WWDC dates.