'I'm Pretty Thankful This Year'

Kevin Drum for Mother Jones, on his cancer diagnosis and health care:

[H]ealth care is suddenly a lot more real to me than ever before. Sure, I've always favored universal health care as a policy position. But now? It's all I can do to wonder why anyone, no matter how principled their beliefs, would want to deny the kind of care I've gotten to even a single person. Not grudging, bare-bones care that's an endless nightmare of stress and bill collectors. Decent, generous care that the richest country in the richest era in human history can easily afford. This illustrates my problems with the condemnation of Obamacare. Why shouldn't the government ensure that their citizens have access to healthcare? The issue shouldn't be about "liberty" or Big Brother; it should be about the welfare of the people. (Nationalized health care would be ideal, but the ACA is the next best thing, I suppose.) From my perspective, Obamacare is a clear win: without it, I would continue to not have a health plan, and thus wouldn't be proactively getting the care I need.

(via Daring Fireball)