Drop the World

In a nonsensical juxtaposition of thoughts, I was indulging in my favorite Saturday reading material while also thinking about the state of the world if the population had inexplicably been whittled down to a mere 1,000 people. Full disclosure: I got the following information sitting in my Sociology 101 class, but I find the numbers too interesting -- if not trivial -- to share. The world as a village:

  • 477 people would live on $2 a day. 184 would live on $1 a day.
  • 497 people would be female; 503 male.
  • 280 people would be under the age of 15. 60 are over 65.
  • There'd be 70 cars on the planet.
  • 170 would have no access to water, 430 would have no access to any sort of sanitation facility, and 240 would have no access to electricity. Which means only 80 phones, 130 computers, and 15 iPods would exist.
  • There would be 90 newspapers to go around, although 17% (124/720) couldn't read them.
  • And there'd only be one doctor and four hospital beds for everyone.

Come back in a year, and you'd see population grow by a whole 11 people. ... It's interesting to consider that, while these numbers seem mind-boggling, the truth is most of the world lives in similar conditions. There aren't many people in Africa who are consumed by checking in to Facebook and Twitter every chance they get or entertaining themselves by playing Angry Birds on their iPhones or lamenting Apple's freshly-refreshed lineup of iPods. Those living industrialized places take such things for granted, but these random bits of information serve as a nice reminder that most of the world live like the Ju'hoansi.