'Why You Got a New Phone?'

Matt Drance, in a terrific piece on the significance of iOS 7:

Apple has kept all the right things, and built a new experience celebrating the values behind them. iOS 7 is truly the sum of its parts. On their own, many of these new elements — parallax, translucency, animations, motion — might seem out of place, even gimmicky. Together, they put forth a clear vision, one that’s reinforced by one of the best marketing videos I think Apple has ever made. Even considering Apple’s famously deliberate style, the choice and use of words in this video (and other WWDC materials) stand out: Clarity. Depth. Vitality. Detail. Deference. Realism.

As I wrote last week, iOS 7 is the same idea put in markedly sharper focus.

Be sure to read the entirety of Matt's article; it's so great. And for even more astute iOS 7 positing, check out these pieces from Jim Dalrymple and Federico Viticci, respectively.