'MacBooks and iPads'

Dr. Drang, on using the iPad as one’s main (or only) computer:

It works for my wife for the same reason it works for Ben Thompson’s mom and tens of millions of others—it removes many of the computery aspects of using a computer. I’m willing to put up with the computery stuff because I already know it and I’m not willing to give up the power and control I get from it. My wife has no need for that power and control and shouldn’t be forced to confront it whenever she wants to send an email or read an article on the web.

For me, the iPad primarily is my main computer for work — as I’ve often written about, the iPad is a fantastic writing machine. I don’t need a full-blown Mac to churn out a bunch of Markdown files, and the iPad — especially my new Air — makes the process feel faster and even more fun, too.

I think the biggest tell of how the iPad has changed the way I work is the fact that I’m far more excited for new iOS devices than new Macs. My Mac is 5 years old, ancient by today’s standards, but I’m in no hurry to replace it. I’d like to, but it isn’t a high priority. To me, a new iPad Air takes precedence given how I use it and all that it can do. iPad is the way of the future.