'Loving Kids Like That Is a Waste'

Sarah Terzo for LifeNews.com, on pregnant couples aborting babies with Down syndrome:

Rayna Rapp, a former abortion clinic worker who aborted a baby with Down syndrome herself, conducted a survey of women and couples who sought amniocentesis to screen for Down syndrome and other problems with their babies. All of the interviewees intended to abort if the baby was found to have Down syndrome. Some of the things that these parents say about Down syndrome children are deeply troubling to anyone who values life. As someone who worked with many children with Down syndrome during my career with the school district, the sentiment that loving a child with Down is "a waste" is deeply offensive to me. Loving your child should come without condition, but judging by the rationale Terzo shares in her piece, many would-be parents disagree, sadly. (via @sidoneill)