'Major League Baseball is Destroying Its Future By Chasing Television Dollars'

Jeffery Dorfman for Forbes, on MLB's insistence on postseason games be played at night:

When games are played and televised at night, television revenue goes up but the number of children watching goes down. On the East Coast, World Series games start after 8 o’clock and do not end until after 11 o’clock. That is too late for some adults and way too late for most kids.

And while that television money looks attractive, baseball executives seem to have forgotten a funny thing about kids: they grow up to be adults. If children grow up with no tradition of watching baseball, they are much less likely to pick it up as adults. Most strong sports team loyalties are born when fans are young. Adults rarely create as strong a bond with a team as do children. That team loyalty can last a lifetime and means years and years of viewership and game attendance. That money comes slower than the television dollars, but over time it adds up.

I do wish more World Series games were played during the day, like they were in the olden days. As it stands, I believe divisional and LCS games have day games scheduled, but not the World Series. That's a shame, as most games end too late for kids (or even adults) to stay up, so they're more likely to miss crucial moments. Along these same lines, I'd love it if MLB went back to having regular doubleheaders, especially on Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Doubleheaders on the holidays in particular were annual traditions for many, many years.

(via MG Siegler)