Today was not a very good day. Well, work was fine, but aside from that, today was a major FAIL. First, I endured the storm of the century while going to work this morning. Despite my raincoat and trademark beanie, I was soaked by the time I hit my school's double doors. I must've waded through a billion puddles and even my pockets had water in 'em. Not to mention my shoes and socks were drenched, too. I say the rain sucks because I have to walk in it. I'm sure driving in it isn't any easier, but at least drivers are DRY and in one piece (relatively speaking). There were moments during today's harrowing journey when I wondered if I was going to make it through the flood. And yet, my rain-soaked self wasn't the worst part about today. Apparently, Mother Nature put a hit on my iPhone, too. Somewhere between getting off the bus and Glankler's front doors, I don't remember exactly when, my iPhone decided it was going to reboot itself as I was listening to music. I'm walking along, bobbing my head to The Dream, and then  -- poof! -- no more R&B crooning. After muttering a few expletive-laden words to Mother, I hurry into my classroom and weakly attempt to dry my phone off between two pieces of paper towel. I reboot, get the Apple logo for a few seconds, a blank white screen, then nothing. Black. Three hours later, it's still black. I get home later, dock my phone, and  still nothing. Even iTunes won't recognize the device. Aside from a few seconds of life -- the same as before but this time with pretty rainbow colors -- my iPhone has reduced itself to being a $400 aluminum-and-glass paperweight. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that my leather case is still, almost 12 hours later, pretty fuckin' damp. I'm worried about having to get a replacement because the best things in life aren't free and I was planning on not upgrading my hardware until the summer, when Apple usually refreshes the iPhone. So, the way I see it, one of  three things are going to happen: a) my phone will magically resuscitate itself; b) somebody will fix it; or c) I'm gonna have to go buy a bag of rice. In the meantime, though, the damn thing sure looks gorgeous sitting dead in its dock (right alongside the POS iPhone Bluetooth Headset, but that's another story). My only salvation right now is Facebook and this blog because with my phone out of commission, I'm feelin' majorly disconnected with the world. Thanks, Mom.