Diet Coda

Shawn Blanc and John Gruber offer their takes on Panic’s new coding app for iPad, Diet Coda.

Here’s Shawn’s take:

And here’s Gruber’s:

I’ve been beta-testing Diet Coda for a while, and it’s a hell of an app. I’m retiring the old “iPad is only for consumption” sarcastic schtick because at this point, it’s such utter nonsense. But forget the features and capabilities and touch-based UI design for the moment, and let’s just celebrate what, to me, is the best name for an iPad app ever.

Diet Coda looks really cool. Even though I have no need for it1, being the geek I am I’ll definitely be downloading it once its released on Thursday. I’m excited to check it out!

  1. It’d be awesome if I could update this site’s CSS from the app. Hopefully I can.  ↩